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Rurouni Kenshin Ratings
3rd-Feb-2008 05:49 pm
Frozen - sisters

Name: Jessica
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Nationality: Chinese

Likes: Anime, manga, Internet, yaoi, yuri, movies, books, money, cosplay, conventions, food, friends, shopping, art, vacation, babies, cute things, shiny things, girls, supernatural, sunshine, nature, animals, energy drinks.
Dislikes: War, Bush, poverty, crime, disgusting things, homophobes, perverted old people, spiders, heights, nightmares, the dark, earthquakes, losing things I like/love.
Dreams: Finish school, get a good job, live independantly, hopefully find love.
Fears: Nightmares, spiders, heights.

Strengths: Loyal, caring, strong-willed
Weaknesses: Short-tempered, stubborn, lazy
Three positive adjectives: Social, friendly, open-minded
Three negative adjectives: Same as 'weaknesses'
Personality in a word: Responsible
General mood: Calm

Optimist or pessimist? Optimist
Impulsive or cautious? Cautious
Mature or immature? Mature
Extroverted or introverted? Introverted
Leader or follower? Follower
Emotional or collected? Emotional
Patient or impatient? Impatient
Confident or modest? Modest
Low, normal or high energy level? Normal
Morning person or cranky when awakened? Morning person

Favourite character and why: Makimachi Misao, because she's a female ninja.
Least favourite character and why: Shishio Makoto. Freaky.
Favourite pairing and why: Ready for this? Enishi x Tomoe. Because I love sibling pairings.
Favourite arc and why: Jinchu, Enishi is my favorite antagonist
Favourite song and why: It's been years.....probably the first ending theme. It's upbeat and beautiful.

Anything else? Why is the manga so short compared to the anime?

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5th-Feb-2008 11:50 pm (UTC)
I think you're mostly Kaoru.
12th-Feb-2008 12:37 pm (UTC)
I agree. Kaoru
18th-Feb-2008 05:23 am (UTC)
I think Misao, actually.
24th-Feb-2008 02:47 am (UTC)
I agree with Kaoru
24th-Feb-2008 10:57 am (UTC)
Kaoru, really
24th-Feb-2008 12:03 pm (UTC)
I see Misao
25th-Feb-2008 02:31 pm (UTC)
I see both Kaoru and Misao but more Kaoru I think.
11th-Apr-2008 03:43 am (UTC)
You're a nice balance of Kaoru and Misao, but I got an overall Misao vibe from your application.
6th-May-2008 11:11 am (UTC) - Stamped!
Congrats, you've been stamped as Kaoru!

Please upload to your own server and continue voting for others.
6th-May-2008 05:40 pm (UTC) - Re: Stamped!
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