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Oro...what a stupid word.

Name: Robin
Age: 25
Gender: female
Nationality: an American mutt

Likes: weapons, sparing, intelligence, wit, knowledge, puzzles, mind games, privacy, quiet, solitude, contemplation, truly good people (a rarity), people who stand up for what they believe in even if its considered weird or unpopular, good art, plays, movies, books, music, theater, coffee, alcohol, free-will, challenges, video games
Dislikes: stupidity, ignorance, prejudice and hypocrisy and the people who embody these traits, people who think that they are cuter or clever than they actually are, people who are sheep, people who think that they're the center of the universe (lets just cut to the chase and say most people), being meddled with, being scrutinized, being interrupted, being lied to, being accosted by merchants, being manipulated, being forced to do something (even if I want to I hate feeling obligated), loud or irritating noises, crowds, for dummies books, pigs, penguins, cutesiness
Dreams: I'd like to be a god really, but if your talking more realistically I suppose what I really want is to be as close to perfection in my martial arts and weapons training as possible. I've also often thought that it would be fun to be infamous.
Fears: the death of my loved ones and helplessness

Strengths: intelligent, I pick things up quickly, good at figuring out how things work, good at reading people, multi-talented, intense, focused, determined, spirited, extremely loyal to the people and things that I really care about, I can be charming although it requires an effort and I don't usually bother, superficially polite, thoughtful (in that I tend to think), creative, original, not afraid of being thought weird or different, punctual, in pretty good physical shape, fast, flexible, good hand eye coordination, perfectionist
Weaknesses: cynical, antisocial, taciturn, misanthropic, hopeless at team work and public speaking, disinclined to share my feelings even with those I'm closest to, brooding, frequently morbid and pessimistic, obsessive, pretty ruthless, stubborn, indifferent to most things (when I care I care very deeply so I try not to care about much), well hidden but very much present nasty streak, disingenuous, cold, disinclined to be helpful unless I'm specifically asked, occasionally snarky, addictive, reclusive, generally lacking in practical and social skills
Three positive adjectives: intelligent, intense, creative
Three negative adjectives: cynical, antisocial, obsessive
Personality in a word: complicated
General mood: thoughtful

Optimist or pessimist? pessimist
Impulsive or cautious? I prefer caution but if the situation requires it I act on impulse.
Mature or immature? mature although I am definitely a dreamer
Extroverted or introverted? exceedingly introverted
Leader or follower? Neither, I dislike most people too much to want that close a relationship with them. I'm definitely more of a solitary creature. I'd rather lead than follow someone that I don't respect however.
Emotional or collected? Outwardly collected to the point of blankness, but there's usually a lot going on below the surface.
Patient or impatient? I'm patient in that I have long term goals that I don't expect to be reached in the near future.I don't like waiting in day to day life though, I hate when people are late even though I don't usually say anything. I suppose I'm a mix.
Confident or modest? One can be both. I don't go around bragging about my skills but I am confident in them.
Low, normal or high energy level? Again it depends. In day to day life I'm normally very calm and collected but when I have a task at hand or when something interests me my energy level shoots through the roof.
Morning person or cranky when awakened? No I'm not a morning person. I tend to stay up very late so generally speaking early mornings don't thrill me that much.

Favourite character and why: Saitou. I like his sense of humor, he's a genuine badass, he's intelligent, he's just an all around cool character.
Least favourite character and why: Kenshin himself actually because in my mind he's a total hypocrite. He refuses to kill people yet he's perfectly willing to beat people up and break a few bones to "prove" that his opinion is the "right" one. He also does some really stupid things like blocking kodachi with his hand and grabbing the blade of his sword that, as someone who has studied sword fighting, make me cringe. His squatting on ceilings and leaping dozens of feet into the air annoys me too (I know it's an anime but few of the other characters do it). Frankly there are a lot of fights that he shouldn't have won because he was vastly outclassed. And oh, for the record, it's very possible to kill someone by bludgeoning them with a dull piece of metal. If Kenshin was really worried about killing people he'd use a shinai instead of a sakabatou.
Favourite pairing and why: I don't have one. I'm not in to pairing characters.
Favourite arc and why: The Kyoto arc because it has some of the best characters and most interesting fights.
Favourite song and why: I don't really have one.

Anything else? No.

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Tags: shishio, stamped
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