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Mel Mel

Oro? What else do I put?

Name: Melanie
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Nationality: American.

Likes: reading, writing, drawing, photography
Dislikes: ignorance, stupidity, spiders
Dreams: One and only dream: Publish a novel and have it effect one person in the world the way novels effect me. Give them an escape from this awful world.
Fears: Being left behind is my biggest one.

Strengths: I'm intelligent. And quite stubborn at times. I also can be quite passionate about what I believe in. I'm nice and kind. Yet I know how to get revenge. ... Though I don't do anything rash. I think things through.
Weaknesses: I'm shy at times, especially around boys. And I'm QUITE condescending. I'm arrogant as well. Very much so sometimes. I find it hard to be modest. And plus I'm VERY competitive. And picky. I'm moody frequently and tend to display large amounts of hyperness and anger back to back. No one can "handle" me. ^^;;;;
Three positive adjectives: Intelligent, Kind-hearted, Passionate
Three negative adjectives: Shy, Condescending, Moody
Personality in a word: ... One word? ... INTENSE. XD
General mood: I'm generally a very happy person. I have short angry flashes along with short upset flashes. But generally happy.

Optimist or pessimist? Optimistic realist. :D
Impulsive or cautious? Cautious mostly.
Mature or immature? Mature when needed, immature when needed. ^^
Extroverted or introverted? INTROVERTED. I hate people. :D
Leader or follower? Follower. I'll only lead if I'm needed to lead.
Emotional or collected? Emotional when I'm alone or with friends. COllected when I'm around strangers.
Patient or impatient? Patient. ^^
Confident or modest? ... Eh... Not wholly confident. But I'm not modest either.
Low, normal or high energy level? All three at times. :D
Morning person or not? YES!!! I love the morning~~!!

Favourite character and why: Um...Yahiko + Sano. Sano because he's the best guy in the world. XD Obviously. But Yahiko because he's that kid that's so stubborn and loyal that you just ahve to hug and squeeze him constantly! ><
Least favourite character and why: Eh... Don't really have one. ^^;
Favourite pairing and why: Yahiko/Tsubame. Tsubame is the cutest little girl ever and Yahiko likes her sooooo much. You can tell even from their daily communication. It's like one of those couples that you hope for forever but never know what will happen.
Favourite arc and why: Hmmmm. Final arc. Yahiko had some wonderful moments in that~<3.
Favourite song and why: Never watched the anime. Only read the manga.

Anything else? Not really. :3 Have fun voting me~~~!!!

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