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oro.....row row your boat^^


Likes:i love lots of stuff^^ movies, hanging with friend, chilling with my sissys, cute aminals, exercising, playing games, tennis, the spot light, acting, dancing, singing, food, fun stuff, sleep, candy, trying new things, ARASHI^^,NewS, and Kattun and other jpop, anything Japanese, anime, cosplay, trying new things.......
Dislikes:mean people, spiders, hieghts, being ignored
Dreams:to teach english in japan^^
Fears:spiders,hieghts, being alone

Strengths:good stamina, determined(once i wanna do something i do it^^), friendly, confident, optimisticall^^
Weaknesses:stubborn, niave/blonde, vain, confident
Three positive adjectives:bubbly,friendly,mysterious
Three negative adjectives:stubborn, blonde/niave, and mysterious
Personality in a word:unique
General mood:happy

Optimist or pessimist?optimisticall
Impulsive or cautious?more impulsive^^its more fun that way
Mature or immature?immature
Extroverted or introverted?usually extroverted
Leader or follower?mostly a leader
Emotional or collected?both
Patient or impatient?both
Confident or modest?mostly confident depends on situation
Low, normal or high energy level?super high^^
Morning person or not?totally^^ up with the sun

Favourite character and why:kenshin, because he is always willing to help/protect a friend and the innocent and is usually very kind and soujirou, because he has a troubled past but still manages to smile^^
Least favourite character and why:fuji, be cause he is scary and not very nice
Favourite pairing and why:kenshin and kaoru, because they has good chemistry together^^
Favourite arc and why:kyoto arc, i really like the story line and you get to meet soujirou
Favourite song and why:freckles because it is so upbeat and bubbly and heart of sword because it is fun to listen to^^

Anything else?i am a fun loving girl how is willing to help a friend out and hide a troubled past behind a smile and here is pics of me
hawaii ne^^
i love to dance
i got bored waiting for my sisy to give me the compy
i am rin from inuyasha^^
go yuffie go
time for the party
i'm in the middle of my sissys^^

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