KIR. [ハヤス] (reibusakasu) wrote in rk_ratings,
KIR. [ハヤス]


Name: Dan.
Age: Almost 14.
Gender: Female.
Nationality: Brazilian.

Likes: Music, history and books
Dislikes: Rainbows, cute bunnies, Kenshin Sun and... People?
Dreams: Play in a band.
Fears: Be alone.

Strengths: Writing, I think.
Weaknesses: Paranoia and easily jealous.
Three positive adjectives: Uhn... Creative? Intelligent? Bad Good friend? I can't say.
Three negative adjectives: Paranoia, possessive and impulsive.
Personality in a word: Sarcastic.
General mood: Shut up and go to fuck off.

Optimist or pessimist? Let's say pessimist optimist.
Impulsive or cautious? Impulsive.
Mature or immature? Mature as my friends says.
Extroverted or introverted? Introverted, for sure.
Leader or follower? Leader.
Emotional or collected? Collected.
Patient or impatient? Impatient, HA.
Confident or modest? Modest?
Low, normal or high energy level? Low, very low.
Morning person or not? NOT!

Favourite character and why: Enishi, Shisho, Saitou, Aoshi and--- Oops. Enishi. 'Cause he is c00l and i am a fangirl!!!111one like me.
Least favourite character and why: Kenshin! I hate people like him.
Favourite pairing and why: Shishio/Kamatari. 'Cause they are a cute couple.
Favourite arc and why: Vengeance (manga). Well, Enishi is my fav character.
Favourite song and why: Sanbun na Ichi no Junjou na Kanjou. Sim Shade = love and life. I like Tactics too.

Anything else?

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